Become an Unschooling United Facilitator


Unschooling United Facilitators represent Unschooling United, so it is important to know what the organization believes and does.

The general purpose of Unschooling United is to help families on their paths to Unschooling and respectful, peaceful parenting, and to promote a better understanding of Unschooling philosophy and related topics.

Unschooling United is an international, educational, non-sectarian, non-discriminatory organization. We offer support and help to families from a variety of backgrounds and personal beliefs.

Facilitators know the importance of one parent helping another to understand Unschooling philosophy through discussion, support and modeling respectful relationships with their own children. Facilitators provide information and support so that each parent can find their own path to a respectful, joyful, peaceful life with their children.

These are the basic responsibilities of an Unschooling United Facilitator:

  • Facilitate monthly UU Meetings in their area

  • Manages their UU Group

  • Helps parents over the phone

  • Communicates regularly with the organization

Facilitators can choose the work which suits them best!

Introducing and supporting others on their Unschooling and paths is an honor and a calling that Unschooling United Facilitators proudly answer. Facilitators are known as leaders in their community and voices for Unschooling. They are often asked to speak at conferences and do interviews for local media outlets.

To obtain an application to become an Unschooling United Facilitator email Unschooling United here to request one.

If you qualify through personal experience, required reading and desire to become a voice in the Unschooling movement through becoming an advocate, you will be listed in the Unschooling United website for your state and you will be a trusted resource and those in need of help and support will be able to reach you.  


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​Telephone : ​603-833-5947